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CEF offers free training for those who would like to get involved in their local ministries.
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Keystone Course

Keystone I is the Good News Club Level. This course includes Bible lesson preparation, counseling, discipline, Scripture memorization, music, literature, etc.

Learn how to visualize a song and create a keyword sheet from your Bible lesson teaching notes.

The textbook taught in this specific course is the Handbook on Child Evangelism, Chapters 1-3.

This specific course’s special subject is on the Biblical Basis for Evangelizing Children.

Please get in contact with the State Headquarters if you are interested in this course by either phone at 717-652-7542 or email at [email protected]

Teacher Training Course

These monthly training classes are provided free of charge to the public. These classes strengthen your teaching skills and provide ways to learn how to more effectively share the Word of God with children.

The classes consist of special subjects such as: How to Lead a Child to Christ, Lesson Preparation, Music, Missions, Discipline Within Your Class, and Assurance of Salvation.

Along with the fellowship of fellow believers, those who attend see first-hand how Bible lessons and club time can not only be a joy to teach, but bring an eternal difference in the lives of the children that attend their clubs and classes. Teacher Training Classes are also offered to local churches.

Please check with your local county staff to find out more about Teacher Training Class in your county. 

Summer Missionary Training School

The Summer Missionary program of Child Evangelism Fellowship of Eastern PA, Inc. is designed for Christian college students to participate in a paid internship and for adults to serve as home missionaries by evangelizing and teaching children in Eastern PA.

This commitment is a nine-week period of service which includes two weeks of Summer Missionary Training School, one week to rest and refresh, and six weeks of missionary service teaching 5-Day Clubs, Vacation Bible Schools, Good News Day Camps, and participation in ministry promotional activities.


Contact State Headquarters for more information about upcoming training opportunities.
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